Should you actually Buy when an Equity Research Report Rate a Stock BUY?

From the people that I speak to, there are generally two extremes. People either really believe in the equity research reports on face value or completely dismiss them. To get

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Stocks not necessarily the best returning asset like what books teach us

Ever since I started studying finance the concept of stocks being the highest return and risk asset has stuck into my mind. Therefore, for someone investing for the long term,

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3 Mistakes I made as a Stock Investor focusing on Fundamentals

I made plenty of mistakes as a personal investor as well as a professional one. I still remember one of my first big win was a Uranium producer in Australia.

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How Banks Make Money and How You Can Do It Too

In my previous life, I spent around a decade of my life analysing banks. In essence, a bank makes money by getting money from someone at a lower rate (deposit)

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6 Steps Cheat Sheet of How to look at a Stock from Scratch

In this post, I will go through the process that I have developed whenever I was asked to cover a new company that I wasn’t covering before during my 10y

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How to think about Stocks — What I learned from working at a hedge fund

  After about 10 years on the sell side, I had an opportunity to be an analyst at a hedge fund. To be honest, I wish I could have switched

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