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Will Investment Banking jobs be replaced by AI

Since I considered a career switch, I started looking at what I could do. It started off naturally with Fintech so AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and then Cryptos. In

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Funny (and not so Funny) stories in Investment Banking

During my banking career, I had many stories personally and also heard many stories. Just sharing them here so you could get a sense what to expect if a banking

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Banking Wears Prada — what it takes to be a Star

After I left my last job, I had about 2–3 years of working experience in equities research. I realise that is actually the best number of years of experience in

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Banking = Battlefield — When you get hit by a bomb, you die no matter how prepared you are…

Working at the new firm was one of the toughest period of my life. I endured a year of intensive scolding. I must admit back then I wasn’t really competent but at

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