What my new friend from Shapr taught me about Open mind during a day tour in HK

A few weeks back, I met someone from Shapr. He is from the US. I was more active in Shapr before when I started my entrepreneurial journey as I was

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My Experience finding Mentors in my Entrepreneurial journey

Since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I have been told many times to find mentors. This was something I never even knew I had to do. From a young age,

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Applying Ray Dalio’s Principles

I came across Ray Dalio’s Principles for Success the other day. In it, he described “The Five Step Process”. Specifically, the five steps were Goals Problems Diagnosis Design Do it

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Typical day as a Startup in HK

Wake up at 645 from the kick of daughter, yelling “Pa Pa”. Jog down some random thoughts I have because if I don’t I will forget and cannot retrieve them

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3 crazy things happened in my life in 2018

A lot of things I did in 2018, which when I think about it, if I have gone back in time and told the me in December 2015, I would

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