Think As An Analyst Program

Feel the Experience!

Who is this for…

  • Learn how institutional investors/financial markets work through stories and practical exercises.
  • Frustrated with lack of career growth/Preparing for a more analytical job.
  • Looking to switch career into finance and want to get a taste.
  • Want to understand how to better analyse companies.

Who it is NOT for…

  • HST/Investment views
  • Income in next 30 days/Get Rich Quick
  • Delivering Results/Answers/Fixing


  • Session 1 – Institutional Investors Framework of Analysing a Stock.
  • Session 2 – Distinguish Different Perspectives of Financial Market Participants and how Incentives affect what they do.
  • Session 3 – Proven Techniques of Effective Financial Modelling in Excel that Relate to the Real World.
  • Session 4 – Know Your Fit in the Financial Market (Personality/Skills) and Specific Steps to get there. How to Stand Out from the Crowd.
  • Access to Industry Professionals/Interview Techniques/Network Opportunities

Delivery Format

  • 4 x 3 hour sessions


  • Only accessible by institutional investors managing millions of dollars;
  • High net worth individuals/family offices
  • Now available at…



“Thank you for doing this! You are a tremendous resource for folks like myself who are exploring the industry.” Young Professional looking to understand the differences between sell and buy side.

“Thanks for the advice ! Really puts things into perspective.” University student struggling with math in finance.

“Wise words. Thanks a ton for doing this.” Indian Young Professional looking to join the industry.

“Thanks so much for the detailed reply, a lot of good information there that I will definitely use.” 1st year university student in NZ with strong aspirations in finance.

“Thanks for the colour. Reason I ask is I’m 5 years into DCM role and burning out and just thinking what I can do to reclaim some time/sanity without destroying my career…, now following you on medium so will keep up to date with ya” Seasoned finance professional looking for exits.

“Thanks for the kind words, hopefully it will work out. Sure, i’m ok with being interviewed. Let me know if you end up launching a podcast.” ex-GS macro PM looking to become an airline analyst.

“Great thread. Thank you. I appreciate your very thoughtful response! I hope you stick around and continue to contribute to this thread.” PM at a $bn equity HF looking to learn how to use sell side effectively.

“You have now been appointed to my Internal Advisory Board, thanks!” Malaysian Young Professional looking to join a hedge fund.

“Thank you for doing this, it is very informative!” US Young Professional interested in China Healthcare.

Inner Circle

  • FaceBook Group – post questions, knowledge sharing
  • Exclusive Access to Monthly Speaker Series
  • Topics include Investment Banking, ECM, Star Analysts, Equities Research, Equity Sales, Hedge Funds, Quant, Personal Trader, Financial Commentators, Digital Marketing, Startup Entrepreneurship, How to Follow Your Passion, AI, Crypto

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