Author: David

When Extravagance goes Wrong in Banking

This is a story I always like telling my closer friends as I felt it shows how money, the emotions that come with it and the inability to handle those

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Getting Fired at Investment Banks

In Investment Banking, you have to be very careful with your emails because they are all recorded and if you do something wrong there, there is no going back. We

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Funny (and not so Funny) stories in Investment Banking

During my banking career, I had many stories personally and also heard many stories. Just sharing them here so you could get a sense what to expect if a banking

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Banking Wears Prada — what it takes to be a Star

After I left my last job, I had about 2–3 years of working experience in equities research. I realise that is actually the best number of years of experience in

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Banking = Battlefield — When you get hit by a bomb, you die no matter how prepared you are…

Working at the new firm was one of the toughest period of my life. I endured a year of intensive scolding. I must admit back then I wasn’t really competent but at

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How I got into Investment Banking without an Ivy League degree

I am writing this blog to share my personal story having worked at bulge bracket investment banks as a research analyst for more than 10 years. To begin with, I

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