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David | Co-founder
David has over 15 years of experience across the financial services industry including equities research and hedge fund at bulge brackets including US, European, Japanese and Chinese firms. He made it to Director Level without an Ivey League or in fact, a Masters degree. He was always part of top ranked Equities Research Teams and had over 500 meetings with Institutional Investors across Asia, US and Europe.

Professional Endorsement

KC, Former Senior PM at European Fund

Working with David on investment analysis has always been a pleasure and a great learning experience–he provides in-depth market knowledge and analysis beyond what his peers do and can always identify risks and issues other analysts often miss.

JK, Head of Research at Chinese Securities Firm

I have known David for many years and hold him in high regards in terms of integrity and willingness to support fellow peers.

AL, Head of Research at Chinese Securities Firm

David is naturally gifted in contrarian thinking. He always reminds me of angles that the market has completely forgotten about.

RL, Senior PM at US Hedge Fund

Having worked in both sell and buy side, David has a thorough understanding of the investment banking and asset management landscape.

EC, Senior Equity Research Sales at Global Investment Bank

Investors are always interested in David’s insights because he challenges their thinking and makes the complex easier to understand.

FL, Senior Financials Analyst at European Bulge Bracket

David has in-depth knowledge in the bank and insurance industry.

JL, Former VP of ECM at US Bulge Bracket

Having worked with David on a number of deals, I can say with confidence that David has good knowledge of the IPO process.