What is it like living in HK as a junior banker

Wake up from your serviced apartment in Wan Chai or Sai Wan at 6am.

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Catch a bus or if you were a bit late, taxi to the office. Continuously check emails and overnight news on the way. Get there before 7am so you could prepare for the morning meeting, which starts at 730.

Shit your pants out as you realised your boss is already inside his room when you arrive at your desk. Subconsciously, you felt there was a quick gaze from him to note you arrived at your desk but you deliberately avoided eye contact out of embarrassment and a sense of guilt.

Login to your computer, check if he sent you any emails in the last 2 minutes that took you to get off the taxi, take the lift and arrive at your desk.

You relaxed a little as you don’t see anything and immediately got to printing out the report for him to go to the morning meeting later. You diligently put the report on his desk with both hands.

At 724, remind him that it is time to move to the meeting room. Diligently walk behind him as he chats with the senior sales on the way to the meeting room. Laugh like you mean it as they share a joke.

After a couple of rounds, its your boss’s turn on the podium. You feel a sense of pride as the sales and traders go through the report, which you have mostly written, in detail, highlighting and dropping down notes.

During Q&A time, a sales questioned some numbers in the report, you nervously do some math in your mind to quickly reassure yourself that the calculation was correct.

Go back to your desk and start blasting out the report to investors. After that, take a quick break and go down to grab a sandwich with some peers. Found out that a colleague has just been let go this morning for some unknown reason.

Your boss is busy on the phone calling clients but somehow still managed to squeeze in time to send you 3 clients requests, which are all expected to be due in the next half hour.

After finishing the requests, check the time and see it is 1115. Better order lunch now to avoid the peak lunch traffic. Decided to give yourself a treat after a long night yesterday and ordered a sushi bento box.

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During lunch, order a cake from the Mandarin Oriental cake shop for your girlfriend because your boss just told you to work on a new report so you won’t be seeing her over the weekend.

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As you were getting carried away browsing the internet to search for a cake, you suddenly remembered you switched your phone to silent mode and haven’t been checking it for 15 minutes.

There are 3 missed calls, all from your boss. You nervously call back and he told you to meet him at the Starbucks in the mall to reload him with presentations, in a surprisingly good mood despite you having missed his calls. You find out the reason as he ended the call by saying the presentations are so in demand as the market reacted strongly to the call. You could tell he was having difficulties containing his excitement.

Start printing out your boss’s itinerary for his upcoming trip and again pile it up nicely on his desk. Ensure he got all his flight tickets and travel documents and at 5pm, tell him it is time to leave for the airport. Remind him that he needs to call an important client on the way. You watch him leave the office before taking a long breathe and relax a little.

Head out to Armani bar for drinks with some ex-colleagues to celebrate one of them’s promotion to an associate or analyst (depending on the firm you are at). Feeling abit envious because you felt you worked harder than him but you are not even on the list and he is lucky that he has a better boss that looks after him more.

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Return to the office to finish off some work for the day and check the exit time as you can only claim dinner and taxi expense after 9pm under the new regime.

Get home, take a shower before immersing yourself in an episode of Billions as you fall to sleep to the dream of being a great hedge fund manager one day.

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