My Business is Make People Eat their Own Words

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I read a story the other day about the devil going out of business (or retiring depending on which version you are reading) and looking to sell his tools – ego, fear,  laziness, hate, jealousy, gossips, deceit, sensuality, malice and many others. However, there was one tool not for sale – discouragement.

When I think about it, this is the exact thing I grew up with throughout my life.

When I was younger, my relatives and parents’ friends thought I only played video and computer games. I didn’t study hard enough, I wasn’t going to the best school, I wasn’t smart or appeared good at anything, I had an attitude, I was impolite, in the end, trying to justify that I would never make it (while their sons would).

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Had I followed their trajectory, I should be selling replica CDs and even then I should be going out of business by now with streaming music.

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In high school, I got good marks in Maths once and the teacher’s feedback was I have just outperformed my limit somehow in that one test. But the fact is, I ended up graduating from actuarial although I admit I barely passed.

Then I studied really hard for an English essay test (still remember the text is Macbeth) and failed miserably but the fact is, I ended up writing research reports in English for 10+ years for a living.

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Just this other day, I met a guy with so much discouragement that it bothered me for a few days. It made my self doubts reappear again but then I realised this is actually the same shit going on again.

And this time like every other time before the self doubts made me stronger because I was able to narrow down exactly what the doubts were and address them properly.

In fact, now I have even better mental tools to deal with it so I am going to come out of this better than before.

I also realised I am not really in a particular type of business like actuarial or finance but in fact, I am in the business of proving people wrong.

I think Ray Dalio is right that each time we are just on the way to a bigger struggle and Cristiano Ronaldo has this quote.

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I wish each of us will be unstoppable in 2019!

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