What is it like Living in HK as a Senior Banker

A caveat of this post is that I never actually reached that stage so this is more a collection of stories I hear rather than personal experience.

Wake up at 6am to the view of the Victoria Harbour from your USD20k+/month, 200+sq m apartment from The Old Peak Road.


Have breakfast served by your helper while your other helper dresses your children in school uniforms.

Kiss your children goodbye as your helper take them downstairs to your driver, which will take them to their international schools.

Drive to work in your Porsche.


Go to the gym for a half hour workout watching Bloomberg for the latest happenings in the markets.

Arrive at the office, ready for the morning meeting then getting into meetings, calling clients.

Meet a client for lunch, build rapport from talking about children


and the AP you just got recently.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Back to office. Call a few more clients and reply some emails.

After market close, head out for a coffee with another client at the MO cafe.


In between, get a message from your wife to drop by Christian Louboutin later to pay for a couple pair of shoes worth USD1k+ each.

Back to the office, get into your boss’s room for a quick catchup on meeting the targets for this year and setting targets for next year. Have a quick chat with your juniors to make sure they are on track before taking off to drinks.

At drinks, mingle with colleagues from other departments as well as friends from other firms to get a better sense of how the market and competitors are doing.


After a few rounds, retreat to the nearby Cigar bar for some time alone and reflect on the day.


Drive home, get a shower and kiss your already sleeping children good night before retreating to bed to get ready for another round tomorrow.

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