A Day in the Life of an Equities Research Analyst

0615 — leave home, check emails and start reading news on the way to office with the hope that I am able to read through all of them by the time I am there

0700 — arrive at office, have a quick breakfast (if time allows), get prepared for the 730 morning meeting in case any questions from sales and trading

0730 — morning meeting/talk to sales, traders

0800 — reply the more in depth emails/call clients

1000 — quick breakfast if not already had earlier, talk to team members on projects, spend some time writing research reports, check stock price movements

1200 — client lunch

1400 — more research writing, excel modelling, talk to investors, talk to colleagues and boss on the latest office gossips to try and make sure I still have a job in the next 24 hours

1600 — head out for a coffee with a client

1800 — get the research report ready to be published for tomorrow

1900 — leave office or quick dinner and try to finish the above report

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