How I did a 180 on Mindset in 6 months


In my previous life, my job was pretty much my only sense of security because everything I worked for in the last 20 plus years was to get a prestigious job at a bank. It was the status.

So after I left my jobs, I couldn’t even go near the offices because deep down, I felt ashamed of going back. How would my previous colleagues look at me, how would they judge. Some of my old associates are now much more senior than me. My job was my false sense of accomplishment and security in life. 

One of the things I learned during my 180 was I actually plateaued in the last few years of my career. I stopped growing. The years of experience on your CV doesn’t mean shit if you are not growing.

I have many friends complain why they are not getting promoted but that’s because they are just really good at what they are doing, why would the company pay you more for doing the same thing.

Meanwhile, your younger colleagues are catching up and cheaper than you so you are actually more under threat of getting replaced.

Looking back, one of the signs were I stopped getting calls from headhunters for my service in my last several years. It was a sign that I was getting competed out and my services were no longer in demand. But I was too comfortable to make a change.

Another thing I learned was my job, it was external, it was given to me and people could take it away. This is why it is a false sense of security and so I can’t just rely on my job for security. 

I also learned life is about timing. When there is a lot of pain, it forces you to rethink what you have been doing. If there is a high level of comfort like in the last few years of my career, the opportunity cost is too high to do that.

I attended a seminar by Kevin Harrington earlier and this was a guy that made his career by TV commercials but he is now talking social media. He completely transformed himself and he is over 60.

He is a true inspiration in terms of resetting career and made me feel my current pursuit in startup is the right path to take.

That said, I still battle my lower self and fear each day as I try to come out from my comfort zone.

I did the YCombinator Startup School earlier and I felt this video is really good in terms of setting the mindset of being an entrepreneur.

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