Banking = Battlefield — When you get hit by a bomb, you die no matter how prepared you are…


Working at the new firm was one of the toughest period of my life. I endured a year of intensive scolding.

I must admit back then I wasn’t really competent but at the same time the intensity of the scolding shocked me. It was a tough awakening but I believe it helped me as a person overall.

I remember telling him probably a couple of months into the job that I wanted to quit (yes I was a quitter and I found out that’s one of the many reasons why I was mediocre). He told me sure, just go back to my old job, that wasn’t challenging at all and they are not a ranked team like he was. Again, being young and naive, I told myself, Fuck it, I will stay and try my best.

It was then that I developed my working mentality.

The analogy was that of a battle zone. There are no excuses. When a bomb hits you, you die. So you just have to be constantly on guard and hope for the best. It was a good attitude for a soldier. And when you developed that attitude, all the daily scolding just became a little bit easier to take. But then at the same time, obviously the work drains you alot because of the intensity.

Another thing I learned is client servicing — I used to say, we not only serve dinner but we also spoon feed the clients. I would go as far as digesting for them except it is not physically possible. In any case, the idea was to make our clients as satisfied as possible.

It was a very steep learning curve for about a year and then just when I thought I am coming to grips with my job, my boss told me to get to his room.

He started finding jobs for me on the internet and forwarded those jobs to me

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