Think, Don't Drift


Awaking Your Analyst Within

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1-1 coaching

1-1 Coaching Program

We provide tailored 1-1 coaching through an engaging 6 month program. The program is By Invitation Only. Please contact us for details.

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My relationship with Anger and the One Easy thing I learned to manage it

Anger has always been a close friend of mine. Soccer For years, I would get angry playing soccer because I was looking for perfection – the best pass, move, if

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What is it like living in HK as a junior banker

Wake up from your serviced apartment in Wan Chai or Sai Wan at 6am. Catch a bus or if you were a bit late, taxi to the office. Continuously check

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What my new friend from Shapr taught me about Open mind during a day tour in HK

A few weeks back, I met someone from Shapr. He is from the US. I was more active in Shapr before when I started my entrepreneurial journey as I was

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My Business is Make People Eat their Own Words

I read a story the other day about the devil going out of business (or retiring depending on which version you are reading) and looking to sell his tools –

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Should you actually Buy when an Equity Research Report Rate a Stock BUY?

From the people that I speak to, there are generally two extremes. People either really believe in the equity research reports on face value or completely dismiss them. To get

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My Experience finding Mentors in my Entrepreneurial journey

Since I started my entrepreneurial journey, I have been told many times to find mentors. This was something I never even knew I had to do. From a young age,

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Stocks not necessarily the best returning asset like what books teach us

Ever since I started studying finance the concept of stocks being the highest return and risk asset has stuck into my mind. Therefore, for someone investing for the long term,

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There is no good or bad Comfort Zone

We had lunch with our niece a while back. My wife and I really like her and before our daughters were born, we would go travelling with her. We are a

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